Our Services

Our Services

Happy Valley Memorial Park provides an array of different disposition options which may be catered to your own personal choice. These choices are usually centered on four basic forms:


In order to aid families, Happy Valley Memorial Park provides numerous forms of memorialization options. We have provided several display memorials on site from which to choose. We are also capable of matching existing memorials or assisting those who wish to design custom memorials upon request.

Flower Arrangements Happy Valley Memorial Park offers flower arrangements that are designed specifically for cemeteries. Unlike other flower arrangements, these flowers were designed to fit snugly in your bronze memorial’s vase. There is no need to spend extra time or money purchasing a foam base that will soak up water, leave your memorial dirty, and eventually blow away on a windy day. red rosesThese patented stay-in-the-vase design arrangements are sold at our location and are available in three arrangement sizes.We keep a rotating variety of arrangement designs in stock that will also change with the seasons. We also offer a placement program in which you may select a number of arrangements to preorder for the upcoming year. When the time comes, we will place the appropriate arrangement at the memorial site of your loved one at no additional charge.If you have a special request, please feel free to visit the Silk Flower website. Once there, you will be able to browse their entire selection to find the perfect arrangement to suit your needs. Just make note of the item number and call our office to place your order. Additional shipping charges may apply.

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