Memorialization Options

Memorialization Options

Flat Bronze Markers:

Bronze markers are allowed in any garden or section of Happy Valley Memorial Park. We have a large selection of bronze marker designs from which to choose. Each marker can be customized to include your choice of finish, border, and emblems. Each design is available with various sizing options as well, from single to companion style.

Upright Monuments:

Upright monuments are permitted in five sections of Happy Valley Memorial Park and may be installed in designated upright rows. We have several upright monuments displayed at our office. Monuments may be installed on single spaces or installed on several spaces to memorialize a family lot or estate. You may choose one of our standard styles or customize one to fit your needs.

Memorial Benches:

Memorial benches in granite and marble are a choice to further honor the memory of your loved one. These benches are placed around the outer edges of the gardens or sections and act not only as memorial tributes but also as enhancements of beauty to the Cemetery.

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